2019 Committee

Your 2019 Committee. We are always looking for new people to help out around the club in a number of ways. All members are welcome along to committee meetings and get to know us - we hope that you will eventually come on board in the future.


President - David South - president@ajsc.org.au
Vice President - Stephanie Garner - vicepresident@ajsc.org.au
Treasurer -  Laurens Harberts - treasurer@ajsc.org.au
Secretary - Stacey South - secretary@ajsc.org.au
Registrar - Daniel Murton - registrar@ajsc.org.au
Registrar - Julie Miller - registrar@ajsc.org.au
Committee Members Julian Vassay
Paul Harricke
Paul Gallagher
Stuart McDermott


Club Administrator - Vacant admin@ajsc.org.au

Key Volunteers

Social Media -  - social@ajsc.org.au
Grounds and Lines - 
Referees - 
Fundraising - Peter South